Dyno-Rod leads the field and remains the nation’s favourite Drain Cleaning and Repair Service.


A unique trailer system using a patented wrap around hitch to allow towing from the wheels.


Offered motorists a fast and efficient while you wait fitting service for silencers and exhaust systems.



The first network of professional car paint shops in the UK offering a wide variety of colours at affordable prices.


A chain of turn of the 20th Century San Francisco themed ice cream parlours featuring 34 flavours situated in West Germany.


A mobile service providing vehicle engine tuning throughout the UK.





Launched in March 1981 to tackle the ‘Cowboy’ image of plumbers of the day.


Zif brought together a network of small independent couriers.


An innovative new approach to direct response marketing phone numbers.


A phone and web based flower service based in Skipton providing next day nationwide delivery of freshly imported Dutch flowers.



The UK’s first professional mobile handyman service.


A corporate identity and branding solution for an established nationwide appliance company looking to enhance its presence in the B to C marketplace.


A marketing tool affixed to the top of a van that instantly identifies and re enforces the service message of the company.



A concept licensed to Homeserve for their 24/7 property maintenance business.


Brand update for an established property maintenance company.


Independant licensed IT weirdos.


Ready made brand concepts designed for maximum impact


Call routing solutions using voice

Our Brand – Your Business ™

Whatever your line of business and whether you are already trading or looking to get started, you want a brand name that helps you compete in the marketplace.

SumOne provides you with that opportunity by offering an exclusive license to use the brand, business templates and tools in your primary trading area.

As the brand grows geographically so too does the awareness. Quality control is managed through job satisfaction tracking and use of the intellectual property surrounding the SumOne brand, all of which is handled by your license.

You service your customers as you always have done but trading as SumOne. Any calls / enquiries for your chosen post codes come direct to you and remain your customers.

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Make a name for yourself®

With an 0800 Brand you have all the ingredients
at hand to compete with the major players. You will have a powerful brand concept exclusive to you in the teritory you serve, as well as all the tools at your disposal to support your new face to the World.

  • Powerful brand ID
  • Freephone Number and website
  • Straplines
  • Stationery and Sales Material designs
  • Vehicle Design
  • Social Media presence
  • Customer Reviews integration
  • Uniform design

All this while still trading independantly
and being your own boss. Choose the right brand
for you.

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The name behind the numbers®

We all know how quick and easy it is to dial a number you remember.

Instead of searching for a number, your customer calls your easy to remember phone name.

Your phone name could be your name, product or service which is dialled using the letters on your phone. Faster than the internet.

With 90% consumer recognition, the 0800 freephone code tells your customers that you want their business.

Select a word that best describes your business offering, which could be something as generic as 0800 QUALITY or specific as 0800 NESTLE.


Whatever your business there is a phone name for you.

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We do IT ®

This brand turns heads. Both fun and professional, customers won’t forget the name or their experience.

The Weirdos offering is used for online and on site IT support via local licensed experts covering the UK.

Licensees have an exclusive trading area in which to use the brand. Marketing templates and business tools provide additional resources in a competitive marketplace.

One fixed monthly license fee plus call costs.

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Point your calls in the right direction

You have invested heavily in your direct marketing numbers but you’re still answering calls centrally which incurs time and costs to relay those calls or information to your network.

Now there is a better way.

Sayware will obtain the caller’s post code using speech recognition and route their call to direct to each of your sites.

Imagine, one number with your marketing message handled at the local level, direct to the intended recipient.

Call management and billing are available at both the network and / or central level.

Make your direct marketing number direct.

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We can offer licensing options for those in need of a stronger, more powerful identity. These can range from regional licensing to a master license for the UK. If your business idea still needs a brand name, we can explore one of the ideas in our portfolio to find a match.



We can offer licensing options for those in need of a stronger, more powerful identity. These can range from regional licensing to a master license for the UK.

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Franchising is in our DNA and in association with our partners, we are here to help you develop your business through franchising.

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Using your brand reputation and know how in a franchise model will allow you to scale up your business quickly, supported by the drive and fees of your franchisees.

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If franchising is a route you are considering, a member of our team will schedule a feasibility meeting with you to hear your aspirations and to gain a full understanding of how your business presently operates and thereafter, to discuss with you, the franchising support that we and our franchising partners provide.

In brief our support services include:

  • Creating the franchise development plan;
  • Define and develop the primary components of the franchise documentation package;
  • The creation of Legal Documents;
  • Submit proposals for the launch of the franchise;
  • Provide assistance with the efficient handling of enquiries and appointment of suitably qualified franchisees;
  • Introduction to franchise finance;
  • Support to become members of the British Franchise Association;
  • Ongoing day to day support with franchise recruitment;
  • Ongoing mentoring and support;